For anyone questioning, she’s bigger than ‘Bodak Yellow.’

There is a new queen of the charts!

Bronx emcee, Cardi B made money moves and her dreams come true with “Bodak Yellow” on Monday (Sept. 25), when she became first female rapper to the hit the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 without features since Lauryn Hill’s 1998 classic “Doo Wop (That Thing)”. But her inspirational ascension to fame did not come easily.

These are nine records Cardi B bullied prior to waxing the new contender for song of the year. Play through below and crown her. 

D.R.A.M. – “Cute  (Remix)” feat. Cardi B 

Following up his Hot 100 top 5 hit, “Broccoli,” D.R.A.M. tapped the newly-signed Atlantic Records star for the remix to his track “Cute.” The Hampton, Virginia native attempts to get the BX femcee to go half on rent and she isn’t here for him. Rapping, “O-oh, you think I’m cute, but I think you ugly/ Trust me, it’s cool, I use you for money/ Flowers for me, don’t do nothin’ for me/ Fly to Dubai, in a yacht you could blow me,” it is evident big bank overtakes little bank. And as we know, Cardi B is all about her bag!

Josh X – “Heaven on My Mind” feat. Cardi B 

Haitian-American artist, Josh X, caught the pitch-perfect ear of the icon Stevie Wonder before he got the brazen rapper to show off her softer side with “Heaven on My Mind.” This rare sighting depicted a street-meets-chic storyline, as Cardi B comes through sitting pretty, spittin’ inside her Rolls-Royce. The feel-good rap ballad details a partners-in-crime-esque problematic romance — but shows potential from Brooklyn’s latest rising star.

PHresher – “Right Now” feat. Cardi B  

PHresher began making a name for himself with his “Wait a Minute (Remix),” but Cardi B set the streets ablaze with their summer anthem, “Right Now.”  With the Swift On Demand-produced record, the raptress warns her competition to guard their grills! Showcasing some trap-like lyricism, the Boogie Down native raps, “Throwing shade and talking that shit/ Please do all of that in my town/ Yeah, that 4 train Bronx bound/ Please do all of that when I’m around.” She bullied this earworm, proving she’s here to stay.

G-Eazy – “No Limit” feat. A$AP Rocky, Cardi B 

The Oakland native G-Eazy got one with “No Limit!” Prior to going No. 1 on the Hot 100, Cardi B warned everyone of her future “moves” on the charts. With her catchy strip club rhetoric, she laced a throw bands-worthy verse, as A$AP Rocky money danced all-over the catchy chorus. 

Cardi B – “Stripper Hoe”

She kicked a wicked flow as a self-proclaimed “Stripper Hoe.” Cardi B manifested all her current success early-on and clowned her naysayers. Her viral petty is as celebrated as her records in heavy rotation. Promising vengeance, Cardi B spits, “A lot of bitches talkin’ down on me like I’m a joke/ Talk shit, I’ll fuck your man, send him back hella broke/ I’m laughin’, but I really mean it though.” Yeah, it’s probably best to stay in your lane.

Cardi B – “Cheap Ass Weave”

While she may be frugal with her outfits, Cardi B doesn’t believe in bending the budget up for her extensions. Prior to the release of her first mixtape, Gangsta B-tch Music Vol. 1, she showed off some animated acting chops on “Cheap Ass Weave.” The salon set music video served raw punchlines about her belittlers’ tacky yaki bundles. Yikes!

Cardi B – “Foreva”

“That’s all she’ll ever be good for, dancing on that pole,” was an unforeseen introduction to the “Foreva” music video. This was the former Love & Hip Hop stars’ beginning of (her now) multi-million guaranteed streams.

The internet favorite quote, “Ran down on that bitch twice/ You know me I be rude whereva/ If a bitch beef with me we gon’ beef foreva” still reigns. And Cardi never failed to own her imperfections, beaming her then crooked smile at her haters with the “regular, degular, shmegular” jobs.

Cardi B – “On Fleek”

By this time, Cardi B cemented more than Instagram fame. As her rap career launched, the Afro-Latina ill-spitters’ show tickets skyrocketed alongside the release of, “On Fleek.” Taking no time for breaks, Cardi remained true to her word by doing “it nice seven days a week.”

Cardi B – “Lick” feat. Offset 

Dripping in diamonds, Hip-hop’s latest “it” couple debuted an upscale visual reminiscent of JAY-Z and Beyonce’s, “Bonnie & Clyde.” Musing for her beau, Cardi B maneuvered through a rap-filled heist and looked good doing it. With the memorable hook, “Lookin’ like I caught a lick/ Run up on me, you get hit/ And all my bitches with the shits/ Bronx, New York, gangsta bitch,” the airwaves were forced to deal with her, and her borough. The two have been shining ever since.

By Bianca Alysse Mercado for

Image: Billboard

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