Higher Dining represents the luxe dining and smoker-centric experience you were made for — and an array of Mary Jane delectables to devour. With a foundation built upon limitless parameters, our team specializes in tastefully curated menus and levitated entertainment of all sorts. With hashish adorned dishes bursting with flavor, Higher Dining’s private affairs and yoga sessions work hand-in-hand with our exclusive clientele, down to the final detail.

Centered around your hemp vision, Higher Dining is founded by cannabis experts, well-seasoned chefs, and top-notch event planners. Additionally, Higher Dining meals are exquisitely prepared with proper pot dosages per course. The medicinal benefits of our attendees’ strain preferences are outlined before their arrival.

So, in the case of weed leisure or physical and mental stressors, Higher Dining aims to alleviate guests with satisfying eats. Allow us to help you savor your day in mouth and mind with a custom baked theme for a regale of your choice. Higher Dining remains a trusted source within cannabis culture among aficionados and businesses in New York City and abroad.



Shanelly Pena has long developed her love for food since her childhood pastime of watching cooking shows alongside her sister posturing herself for a palatable future of her own. Together they would visit restaurants, as a means of mastering recipes, before studying fresh ingredients from other cultures to merge with their savory plates. Today the co-founding chef and chief commercial officer of NYC’s Higher Dining brings her artful cuisine socials from the city of neon and chrome through upscale banquets worldwide. As a labor movement union representative, Shanelly Pena polished her business acumen at Howard University and rubbed elbows with members of Congress — prior to establishing herself at the International Culinary Center.

This well-balanced career path enabled her seamless navigation from front to back of the house among the upper echelon in the District of Columbia and Manhattan of the restaurant industry.  With sought-after seasonal menus and hospitable event curation, Shanelly Pena fashioned the ownership of the Higher Dining experience by reflecting on her rich heritage and family tradition. This loving household journey was first inspired by her fiancé, global restaurant travels, and the birth of their son. Alongside her sister and business partner, Roshelly — Shanelly Pena’s vision launched by breaking bread within her community as a means to cultivate a gourmet legacy.  

Whether A-list or start-up, Higher Dining’s sizzling selections are prepared with love and create mouth-watering memories. Reminiscent of her early days cooking Sunday dinner with college roommates, Shanelly Pena’s clientele gathers around elaborate spreads with laughing faces in celebration. With all, her passionate pursuit proves to be more than appetizing, but fructiferous, too.

Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of her parents, Roshelly Pena delved into the world of customer service and hospitality absorbing savviness from an array of opportunities. Whether serving at a high-end Manhattan restaurant, studying in kitchens internationally, or honing her craft as a pastry chef under an esteemed advisor — the multi-hyphenate is dedicated to designing toothsome tarts. Still, with the tenacity to uphold the hustle of her family legacy, she went into business with her older sister, Shanelly Pena.  

Roshelly Pena serves as the co-founder and chief marketing officer of Higher Dining brining her larger-than-life personality to the forefront of their lush dining events. Beyond the inventiveness to create a green culinary lane, her opulent recipes jolt the feast for eyes Higher Dining is well-known for. With her hands at the helm of the company’s elevated food socials, she prides herself on the ability to transform traditional Latino dishes and the growing extravagant dessert tables.

Higher Dining’s one-of-one menus do not only fill belly’s but hearts, with its ongoing commitment to giving back. As a company owned and run by women of color, it not only markets for profit, but for the gathering community. Roshelly Pena explains it simply, “Higher Dining represents savory food, love, sisterhood, and culture.”


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