Meet BLK.ID, the most boisterous twins spinning out of Rockland County, New York.  The identical DJs, TP and Perks have been vinyl hoarding and mixing since the age of 11. Their immaculate genre-bending sets and eclectic flair have decorated New York City’s most prestigious venues and beyond. Together, they’ve integrated with globally trademarked companies.

Well-known for their love affair with fashion and footwear, the energetic duo rocks masses for brands such as Nike, DASH, Puma, Vans, Akoo, and Levi Strauss & Co. BLK.ID’s individual night and day personas offer something unique to every showground – even serving as one another’s MC’s between records. The mirror imaged DJs balance any performance as the picture-perfect Ying and Yang. Whether they are splashed alongside VIBE magazine or booming rhythms on VH1 TV – they keep the crowd engaged.

“The audience is only as excited as you get them,” is their motto. The DJs take pride in being both constant students to their craft, while remaining champions of cross-platform showmanship. BLK.ID’s emphasis on energetic music illustration began as teenagers. Together they would travel to watch their idols, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Mister Cee, Grandmaster Flash and Kid Carpi. Determined as ever, they would tuck their equipment in their junior high school lockers for after school disc jockey lessons with Harlem’s distinguished DJ Perx.  

Today BLK.ID scratches records across metropolitan cities throughout the U.S., and abroad. Most recently, the twins kept Toronto’s lavish Soho House dancing to celebrate Drake’s OVO Fest. Their boundless baselines and stellar spinbacks reign supreme. A polished image speaks to their professionalism. The DJs embody high-end designer fused with NYC street attire. No matter the event, BLK.ID indisputably owns the scene.   

About The Author

Bianca Alysse is a creatively driven Bronx-born writer and editor. Before becoming The Knockturnal‘s music editor she served as Latina‘s creative coordinator and was a contributor at Billboard. The Boricua scribe has a lengthy resume in the music industry and has penned for Universal Music Publishing Group, Epic Records, G.O.O.D. Music, Compound Entertainment, Artistry & Récords, and Arcade Creative Group. Her work has been seen on platforms like VIBE, mitú, TIDAL, Remezcla, and behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week. As an independent contractor, she has written for Sony Music Entertainment’s global business affairs department, Warner Music Group, and currently Roc Nation.

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