An acoustic pop rock duo from the small town of Kilmarnock, Scotland had Hollywood dreams. Their journey began in their sophomore high school music program. With a shared passion for harmonies and similar bands – Calidonia was born. Graeme, a budding singer, began writing lyrics with Danny, a guitarist with charismatic melodies. Together they created a buzz with shows featured on local TV stations and splashed across Scottish front pages.

Outgrowing clubs in Scotland, Calidonia started performing at some of London’s most prestigious lounges and venues. Renowned singer, songwriter Ne-Yo was wowed at a Calidonia showcase, alongside Compound Entertainment. “After we wrote Justin Bieber’s title track ‘Believe’ we weren’t sure what was next for us musically. Ne-Yo brought us to Hollywood and began collaborating on our first major project. He let us fuse traditional banjos and bagpipes on mainstream tracks. It’s incredible,” confessed Calidonia.

Each lyric is inked with tuneful intimate detail. Calidonia’s real-life experiences translate vividly through speakers. Their timeless sound and legendary cosign are spotlighted in Hollywood and making their way. Calidonia is prepared for the rest of the world to press play!


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Bianca Alysse is an incurable music junkie, who lives for dance, art, and urban culture. She has worked alongside some of the most ingenious entertainment moguls. Her ink covered hands grabbed her BA in Journalism and ran to New York City.

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