Hip-hop triad Peso Da Mafia cemented themselves in their hometown as a Baltimore, WERQ radio favorite and one of the top 5 urban artists in Baltimore circuits all before signing with Asylum Records. Comprised of the emcees Shordie Shordie, PDM Purp, and Lor Dee, the trio took the city by storm with the viral smash “Money Man,” which accumulated over 3 million views on YouTube and was co-signed by SiriusXM’s Hip-Hop Nation. The trap-funk inspired earworm dominated cyberspace with PDM Purp’s raspy flow and Shordie’s memorable drawled poetics. And, the hit single’s accompanying dance (created by hypeman Lor Dee) solidified it as Baltimore’s most impactful tune since Lor Scoota’s “Bird Flu” in 2014.

Peso Da Mafia’s musical chemistry exists beyond wax, but instead, by blood. 21-year-old Shordie Shordie, born RaQuan Hudson, and 20-year-old Lor Dee, born Deatric Brandon Jr., are brothers and 22-year-old PDM Purp, born, Davon Jones Jr., is their first cousin. “Our growing fan base is a result of us being ourselves,” explained the group’s frontrunner Shordie Shordie. The self-proclaimed “trappers turned rappers” took their hard-knock experiences to the studio and championed further by inking the Baltimore Sun’s front page, Complex’s “Bout to Blow” roundup, and XXL’s “The Break” feature. The New Yorker, FADER, and Noisey all acknowledged the cashout track “Money Man” alongside the upper echelon of streaming service contemporaries.

Inspired by their musically inclined relatives, a cross-genre upsurge of millennial artists and the soundscapes of Baltimore club records ⏤ Peso Da Mafia honed in on their craft and established themselves further by touring. Shadowing their D1 Entertainment labelmate and 300 Entertainment rapper, Tate Kobang, on 300’s Young Hustle Tour, Peso Da Mafia provided riveting showmanship and prepared for packed-out crowds of their own.  And, their newly released money-driven chorale “TSAY,” offers a gritty perspective about the B’More representers’ emergence from underground drug enterprise to the limelight. “We respect an array of artists such as Migos, Bankroll Fresh, and Post Malone because they go hard. But what sets us apart as artists is our unique delivery,” explained PDM Purp.

Now, with Peso Da Mafia’s honorable mention on Google Play’s “Hip-Hop Artist to Watch 2018,” the group is proving to be just that. The triplet crew will support Ugly God on his Spring 2018 shows. Their latest audio-visual “Winning,” is approaching a 700,000 YouTube views, and the overall success of “Money Man,” has them in high demand. Still, advancement has its setbacks, and their most-recent music video, “About Us,” showcased a more vulnerable side to the hard-nosed rap troop ⏤ pushing their pens beyond the bounds of archetypal trap bars. Withal, the youths’ anticipation for Peso Da Mafia’s NEVER A DROUGHT mixtape is vast for its June 8th, 2018 drop, and has been bubbling throughout DMV music powerhouses, national channels and online platforms.

“We’ve been working towards this and are never going to stop. It’s all gas and no breaks,” affirmed Shordie Shordie. Even the sporting world is taking note of their hard-hitting street anthems. The rapping trine’s energetic tunes blare through team arenas and garnered millions of Instagram views though athletic pages such as @Sports, @GreatestHighlights, and @Posterizing, to name a few. Peso Da Mafia’s flamboyant stunts, penchant for infectious hooks, unbreakable bond, and persisting musicality is looking to validate them across mainstream programming.

By Bianca Alysse Mercado for | WMG

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