b.nba15Growing up my brothers and I used to anxiously  gather around the living room waiting to see who had the craziest dunk at All-Star Weekend. Year after year, there were bets placed on the greatest hooper along with plenty of trash talking.  I was usually outnumbered. I am a loyal Knicks fan and it’s been rough since Patrick Ewing left. Carmelo Anthony brought fame back to MSG but he isn’t New York’s savior. I take that back… in a Puerto Rican household, he and his Boricua flag tattoo are godlike.  My little brother wouldn’t accept this comment without a fight,  “How would a girl know about the NBA?'” This year it’s safe to assume I know enough, considering I was sitting directly behind the athletes at #BKN2015. The footage doesn’t do the experience justice but here are my favorite clips from the spirited night. -footage via NBA

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Bianca Alysse is an incurable music junkie, who lives for dance, art, and urban culture. She has worked alongside some of the most ingenious entertainment moguls. Her ink covered hands grabbed her BA in Journalism and ran to New York City.

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