Pablo Picasso is arguably one of the most prolific creatives in 20th-century art, and the National Geographic Channel anthology series Genius: Picasso is set to showcase precisely why, alongside Antonio Banderas.

To commemorate the Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated small screen favorite’s second season, National Geographic swung open it’s pop art-decorated doors for a one-of-a-kind #GeniusPicasso experiential lab in high-end atmospheric NYC SoHo neighborhood. The Málaga-born Spanish luminary is well-known for his paintings, ceramicist exhibitions, playwrights and stage design, but the forthcoming TV series will not only highlight his acclaimed imaginings but his darkest misfortunes, too. And, while his creations became some of the most artistically revolutionary, few admirers understand at what cost.

The Knockturnal sat for brunch with Executive Producer Ken Biller and the Genius: Picasso Series cast for a private preview and walk-through of the (SoHo) Genius: Studio. Antonio Banderas, Alex Rich, Samantha Colley, Poppy Delevigne, immersed attendees in the electric hues of Picasso’s paintbrush with larger-than-life RadicalMedia installations, interactive spaces, and stunning backdrops. The artistic area dedicated to the 10-episode series exploring the life of Picasso is full of unique picturesque moments designed to inspire visitors to create personalized masterpieces.

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