BX rhymer Al-Doe reemerged alongside rapper Mak with the Wolph Creations directed “Streets So Ugly” video — to introduce the duo’s recent release, Drunk in Vegas.

In the concrete jungle, the underground-circuit emcees took their loyalist through their stomping grounds with weighty true-life bars. The melodic joint-LP may come as a surprise to The Pope of the Coke Talk’s fanbase. “Mak & I have been working a lot since our most notable collaboration on my previous solo effort Legends Of The Lobby which was a Gangsta Grillz project hosted by DJ Drama,” Al-Doe explained of the album collab.

“We had a song on there called ‘In My Future’ that caught a lot of attention. Mak and I have been working closely ever since, so we decided to put out some material,” he continued. The 12-track effort pulls them from their brash New York roots and showcases growth in lyricism on the Nevada strip. “Drunk in Vegas has different vibes from [us]. Drunk nights in Vegas provide many moods, so there’s a lot of [versality on our album],” Mak added on.

Watch as Al-Doe and Mak put on in “Streets So Ugly” above.

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