Navigating through an industry where Latinx art is frequently underserved except for when it can be monetized is no easy feat. Still, on-the-rise girl group, Bella Dose, has stayed their course making waves throughout Miami and the independent circuit. “We wanted to be the first-ever Latina, bilingual girl group,” says Brianna, of the quartet, Bella Dose.

The girl group’s frontrunner, Brianna, is the Def Jam starlet, DaniLeigh‘s younger sister. With growing industry interest and a bidding war taking place among labels, the four young singers have much to consider. “The girls are old school Destiny’s Child combined with Gloria Estefan,” chimes in the One Fourteen Entertainment president, Krya Breslin. “We want to create music that has R&B, Latinx, and pop influence with meaningful lyrics,” Bella Dose singer, Jennifer added.

As a collective, their roots originate in Cuba, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Colombia, and Chile, making Bella Dose’s outreach unprecedented. The Knockturnal caught up with the vocalist while they were on the road to discuss the single, “MUEVELO,” what the “Lil Bebe” songstress taught them and more. Here is Bella Dose up close and personal.

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