Good Morning Creatively Driven,

It’s been a while since I’ve written you a love letter. Life has a way of laughing at your “plans”. This summer has been an amazing  journey; I made an “unpopular” decision to go freelance & I can confirm “God will provide”. Covering these summer tours & supporting dissimilar entertainment teams has given me the opportunity to explore my dreams in a new way. I am constantly learning and my voice is not stifled.

Music is still what I love; the spark is incomparable. The best way to learn about your craft is to tackle it head on. So…this summer there was no time to think… only do! Thank you to everyone following; I appreciate your support. Until next time Creatively Driven, XoXo.


Bianca Alysse

“There are no shortcuts to success.”

About The Author

Bianca Alysse is an incurable music junkie, who lives for dance, art, and urban culture. She has worked alongside some of the most ingenious entertainment moguls. Her ink covered hands grabbed her BA in Journalism and ran to New York City.

5 Responses

  1. MrMakeMoves

    “The best way to learn about your craft is to tackle it head on. So…this summer there was no time to think… only do!”

    I concur.

  2. Jason

    If I had your talent I wouldn’t want to work for anyone either. Keep doing your thing Bianca. You’re nice with the wordplay.

  3. Kia Halls

    You are such an inspiration for ambitious young women. I wish you much success in all you do.

  4. Elizbath Q

    You’re my favorite person to follow on Instagram. I love to see a woman really going after it. Not everyone is as courageous as you.


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