huMy name is Huda Kattan and professionally, I am a Hollywood trained makeup artist and beauty consultant based in Dubai. I have been very fortunate to have worked with some of the most talented photographers and some seriously incredible people. For me, this blog is a way to keep people informed of not only the trends and news, but also what’s going on with the industry first-hand in Dubai and all over the world. I feel that the up-close-and-personal approach offers an extra level of exposé to the industry. I hope this makes editorials seem even more exciting when you understand the dedication and work that goes into perfecting each shot.

Just a note, most of the editorials I post on here, are not my work, if they are, I will definitely say so! They are posted purely to inspire:)

Some of the brands that I have had the privilege of working with include Audi, Revlon, Cartier, Zahret Al Khaleej, Harper’s Bazaar, Emirates Women, Frey Wille, Essa, the UFC, and many more.

What was the reason you started getting interested in Beauty? I grew up pretty obsessed with fashion and makeup. I started with eyebrows mostly because I had eyebrows like Bert (from Bert and Ernie) by the time I was 9 years old. Both of these passions caused me to become very detail oriented very young.

Why did you choose to study beauty? I have always been into art, and makeup was a simple form of art for me. Beauty was something I was into as a child, having an older sister who always liked natural beauty remedies, I learned from her. By the time I was in high school, I started doing makeup on anyone who needed help. When I entered university, that’s when the obsession really started! I remember going home after class and playing with different eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushers, etc. To me, makeup was a version of art that I could recreate everyday!

Why did you choose Hollywood? Hollywood has some of the best makeup schools in the world, and because it is home to some of the biggest movies, tv shows, etc. After doing research, I found that it is basically the international HQ for makeup.

Why did you choose Joe Blasco? I wanted to go to the number one school in the world and seeing that Joe Blasco was the leading makeup school worldwide and also one of the first makeup schools in the world for TV, Movies, and Print, and I decided to go there.

What did you gain from going to Hollywood? I truly did not understand what I would gain when I decided to go there, not only is there a beauty store on every corner, but it was amazing interacting with makeup artist everywhere, I learned way more than just makeup from being there and the experience itself was priceless.

What do you think about the make up and beauty industry in Dubai? I feel the makeup industry in Dubai has not yet met it’s maximum potential, which is a bit ironic considering how much beauty is appreciated here. Middle Eastern women are incredibly beautiful, but unfortunately, most people are not equipped the tools and education to give them the best overall appearance. Sure, they look gorgeous and exotic already, but it’s reaching their full potential that I am interested in.

What is your vision for both Dubai and yourself? Dubai is already incredibly beautiful and the people here appreciate self expression through art, so for me, I feel I am in the perfect place to grow as an artist. My background is business and I have quite a bit of experience within business so for me, I want to do more than be a makeup artist or beauty consultant, I want to create a beauty empire! Step by step, of course! The specifics as of now are hush hush, but what I have in store, will surely make Dubai more beautiful!

What is Huda Beauty? I came up with the concept of a beauty blog when I was at the University of Michigan. I was studying finance, but clearly beauty obsessed. For me it was always tricks like rubbing lemons on your knees to make them lighten or using cold tea bags on your eyes for puffiness that interested me, makeup was more of a hobby at that point. It wasn’t until I studied makeup that I realized I had more to offer–it isn’t the traditional all beauty tips or all makeup tips website. I would be a fusion of the two. I also want to include as much of my personality and me in it as possible. That is really important to me. As well a making sure that everything was credible, always!

What is your beauty must have? Wow, well that’s hard because there are so many. But truly when it comes to beauty there are several must! One would be good hydration, it’s really important to constantly be drinking water no matter how thirsty you are. I noticed a huge difference in my skin when I started drinking more water, everyone complimented me on my glowing skin when I increased my intake of Water. Second, beauty starts with health. You can’t just put makeup on and be unhealthy, trust me that will show. Getting enough rest, eating a balanced-low-sugar diet, and being happy will make a much bigger difference than any makeup can ever do for you. Beauty starts from within, as cliche as it sounds.

What is your top secret makeup secret? Well, I made a promise to myself to share all of my beauty products and tips with my website, seriously no holding back. I have to! If I have fans, I need to be loyal and good to them. Right now, I am literally obsessed with Stephen Moleski lashes, they are beyond insane! He’s an LA based makeup artist that just created lashes that are perfect for the sexy sultry diva. I love them and I definitely feel they make a huge difference on someone.

What advice can you give women out there to remain beautiful? I honestly would say to stay happy, try to be as patient as possible (even I struggle with this one at times) and to avoid being negative in any way. Know that you are beautiful, in not in your own way, but you truly are beautiful. One of my favorite quotes is imperfection is beauty and I truly feel that way. I always fancied a slighter different nose, eyes, or lips–that’s truly what gives a face character and nothing is more beautiful than character.

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