Bostonian songstress Kay has been cultivating her sound throughout the independent circuit and is readying for her mainstream breakthrough, alongside 1801 Records. The teen sensation’s around-the-way swagger and poetics are buzzing virally with a fusion of past classics and millennial-friendly rhythms. On her forthcoming EP, Kay delves into everything from the hang-ups of young love to her charismatic transition into womanhood.

The songster’s Beantown roots blossomed into inspiration, “Boston is a mainstay for music tours. I would attend concerts across genres as a means to explore the type of music I hoped to create,” Kay explained. And, her sassy persona and picturesque songwriting blare over sure-fire singles, “Kay No Apologies,” and “Dysfunctional.” To follow, Kay’s nostalgic interlude “CRZY” samples INOJ’s “My Boo (I Want To Be Your Lady Baby),” making for an infectious earworm ⏤ with an array of approaching R&B melodies to play through.

“I express my true-life experiences in the studio, but my connection to my listeners is essential, too. I want people to feel my lyrics since I place myself in the mindset of music while recording,” Kay affirmed. As the soon-to-be R&B starlet comes into her own, her empowering tunes encourage young women to love and accept themselves, as they are.

The songbird’s muse Marilyn Monroe did the same, and like Kay’s iconic influence, she is aiming for primetime recognition. “I’ve wanted to sing for as long as I can remember, but I realized that sitting around and just dreaming about it wasn’t how I was going to make it happen,” the singer continued. So, with her unique cozy meets chic styling and a voice that is punctuated by gritty experience, 2018 has plenty in store.

Under the wing of the cultured class 1801 Records, the singer manifested syrupy hip-hop loops and bubbling girl power anthems. Their multifaceted catalog proves Kay as the next mainstay within the realm of shining R&B contemporaries. And, as her laid-back fanbase vibes out to her tracks, Kay’s presence on stream service platforms builds towards the crème de la crème of mainstream spotlights.


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