The Knockturnal caught up backstage at Spring Studios as Marcel Ostertag prepared to present his 2019 Spring/Summer collection called MUSE for #NYFW.

MUSE represented Ostertag’s model’s sixth waltz down the catwalk during New York Fashion Week, with much fanfare surround his men’s line debut. The man of the hour revealed, “MUSE is a tactile and colorful journey influenced deeply by the close relationships with the muses” in his life. Most notably, the style aficionado claims to be “kissed by the muse” daily.

Beyond fashionable notoriety, Ostertag’s designs champion for diverse runways which are socially inclusive — proving his collections’ inspiration enriches beyond any visual aesthetic. The Knocktural went behind the seams of Ostertag’s dreamy yellows, blues, lavenders, and oranges hues. All of which blended perfectly into curation of great rainbow MUSE sweaters for #SS19. Alongside models, we unraveled the retro-inspired features of the designer’s high-waisted pants, 70’s silhouette wrap-dress, and sequined bell sleeve tops.

Withal, Ostertag’s collaborative Tamiris fringed footwear sealed this virally praised dedication — adding the pep in the steps of his MUSE collection’s jaw-dropping designs. Get to know Marcel Ostertag in his words.

You have a garment that is coming in 24 shades, explain its meaning.

Well, that is my favorite cashmere jumper for the summer season. It has a message. We are still fighting worldwide for tolerance. So, I placed the rainbow colors throughout this style on my jumper. It is important.

This your first season showcasing menswear. What did you do to prepare for this new venture?

I listened to all my friends and to all my clients who were asking for the menswear collection. It should be something new. You know? Shoes, suits, and jeans can be bought anywhere.

So, I launched a really special collection. It leans into the women’s line. It has this unisex effect going on. It feels young, modern, and fresh. You can adapt it into street style.

We connected before your runway show in February about you debuting footwear alongside Tamaris. How pivotal have these designs been for your business?

Yes, that was my fall collection’s footwear collaboration with Tamaris. We are selling really well. We’ve caught a forty country line, too. It means this collection is available all over the world. It can be ordered in my online shop.

Also, fashion cannot work without shoes. Shoes dictate a lot in fashion. That is the best way to explain this collaboration. You need a good shoe to make an outfit perfect. It makes it feel complete. That was how we merged the shoe collection into that runway collection.

It works well together. We have some monochrome looks going on. They echo the outfits. The shoes are yellow, too. Then we created some really crazy alburn boots with fringes. On the catwalk, they make for really great pictures. I think it is just the perfect company to work together with.

You founded your label in 2006, what has assisted you in remaining creatively passionate all these years?

Again, fashion is not only a passion. Fashion is my way of life. That is a big difference. I am not just fancy designing clothes. For me, it is a lifestyle.

I wake up in the morning — it is about fashion. I go to bed in the evening; it is still about fashion. I am transporting messages with my fashion. It fulfills me. I’ve always had the energy for it. Fashion gives me energy.

How will the Spring and Summer collection for 2019 be a defining moment in your career?

Wow! I think that about every collection I create. [Laughs] This season the MUSE concept flowed together really well. The menswear combines well with the women’s together. I think that makes this story complete.

You are bringing fifty-nine looks down the runway. Explain the overall theme.

The collection is called MUSE. It is about all my friends, muses, and clients who wear and own my stuff. Its’ name is a “thank you” to them.

Ideally, how would you like your legacy to read within the fashion world?

I think I show that fashion is not just a thing you can buy. Fashion is something you transport feelings with. Also, you see that in this new MUSE collection.

You emphasized working hand-in-hand with brands. Will there be more collaborations in the future?

For me, yes, I hope so. We are trying to do more of that. In Germany, we are currently working closely with a makeup collection. I hope to do more with Redken and NYX, too. Let’s see what is going on there.

I would love to create my own makeup line. We will see what happens with that. I hope that jewelry will be an option as well. I am looking for a collaboration. I genuinely love jewelry that is something I have not done. I have many ideas.

By Bianca Alysse Mercado for The Knockturnal

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