German-based fashion brand, Marcel Ostertag, brought the bustling metropolis of Berlin for his fifth season as part of New York Fashion Week to unveil Autumn/Winter 2018.NYFW attendees strutted towards the Spring Studios Runway eager to experience the European textured ‘Opium’ collection. The Knockturnal toured between the designer’s silk, painted poppy flowers, cashmere, animal prints, pearl beaded chiffons and striped garments, as NYX beat models’ faces to perfection.

Become better acquainted with Marcel Ostertag as he explains his past meets future concepts, creative indulgences, and high-end perspective.

Your brand has celebrated over a decade of designs. What’s been the most substantial lesson of your journey?

There have been so many lessons. Always to stick to your [vision] and work from the ground [up]. That means all the values I had in the first season I still have today. I have been working from 2006, sustainably. So, stick to your values and stick to your dreams.

Apart from your craftsmanship, your runway ensemblesare revered for encouraging women to fight against conformity. Explain what inspired this movement.

I frequently spoke to the end consumers over the years. I always had the feeling that these women’s [fashion sense] was fantastic, but their garments lack power. They needed something to express themselves even more.

[That concept] is still wearable, but is a difficult story. [I needed to] make fashion that is outstanding, and that gives women power without being too costume-y. That is one of the main focuses of my latest collection and for my brand, overall.  

I want to give women the feeling that they can go out powerfully, and be a little eccentric as well. It is not too in your face. I achieved this true and modern pattern cutting and timeless pattern cutting. If your favorite dress is timeless, it is sustainable again. You have it in your closet; it is still modern, it is still sophisticated. You can wear it again.

That all comes together! It gives the women I dress a really good feeling about themselves. It makes the look really strong.

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