Jesse ‘Corparal’ Wilson is a multi-platinum, award-winning musician turned entrepreneurial activist
– with two decades of triumphs under his belt. From his recent success as the music producer of FOX
Broadcasting Company’s number one prime time television series Empire, to his catalog of
lucrative brand integrations, Wilson’s ability to build connections through music is unrivaled. Empire
alone has been awarded a Golden Globe, a Grammy, and an Emmy.

This is merely the tip of the musical iceberg – icons like Celine Dion, Dionne Warwick, Justin
Bieber, and Ne-Yo are just a few who’ve joined forces in the studio with Wilson, creating magic with
number one Billboard-charted singles and albums. Alongside Ne-Yo, his contributions to
international marketing campaigns have proven him an invaluable asset to the Compound
Entertainment umbrella. Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Pepsi have utilized his songwriting on
endorsements to engage broad-spectrum consumers.

Additionally, Wilson is a trusted adviser for organizations who empower the millennial marketplace.
By the age of 15, he earned his membership into the state of New York’s Guild for Exceptional
Children, and was playing in their symphonic orchestra. He now serves as a mentor for The Boys and
Girls Club of America and The Compound Foundation. Wilson brings music programs to inner city
schools, as well as personally instructs at-risk youth, and aspiring entrepreneurs on business
fundamentals. He educates his mentees behind the scenes through his fellow artist and a hands-on
song curriculum they find relatable.

Wilson reads and writes music for the 100-piece Monticello High School Orchestra performances.
As the leader of his Jazz band, he collaborates with conglomerates MTV, VH1, The Voice,
American Idol, and E! Networks to lead millennial initiatives, as they are the demographic on the
rise. His boundless expertise and mantra “History is made every day,” have fueled film endeavors.
Universal Music Pictures positions Wilson’s artistry as a key component in their overall cinematic
experience. He has spearheaded compositions and created entire music arrangements with box-office
hits like “The Best Man Holiday” and “Birth of a Nation.”

Wilson is limitless. Each of his industry endeavors is accomplished with tactical passion and
seamless execution. He is celebrated for his dedication to excellence and his incredible attention to
detail. The numbers never lie and Wilson increases each client’s productivity, making him a
substantial contender in a diverse array of categories. 

By Bianca Alysse Mercado

Image: Compound Entertainment 

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Bianca Alysse is an incurable music junkie, who lives for dance, art, and urban culture. She has worked alongside some of the most ingenious entertainment moguls. Her ink covered hands grabbed her BA in Journalism and ran to New York City.

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