It was pouring buckets in NYC and Wale fans still wanted to see him shine.

The Shine Tour brought Wale’s fifth album to life and a taste of Chocolate City to the Big Apple. Starz “Power” series actor/musician Rotimi kicked off the tour with some curvaceous dancers and a lot of gusto. His LL-Cool-J stimulated record “Doin’ It” set a sexy tone, as men plotted on their after party with an ample amount of eye candy to select from. As lusty as the venue became Rotimi managed to switch gears and take the time to thank God and Wale for the opportunity to perform, also filled with pride, being a native of the nations’ capital.

However, the hometown love didn’t stop there. Emcee Chaz French jumped on stage with his freshly inked Motown Records contract. His thick beard and jumpsuit brought some bad boy edge to the stage, but he assured the ladies, “This isn’t a romper.” Irving Plaza exploded in laughter. His song “Way Out” proved some lyricism to the tough New York crowd, but “Aquafina” was the clear favorite. In awe of the response he received, he humbly acknowledged, “I remember begging for shows.” Today he is with arguably the biggest hip-hop sensation to come from Washington D.C. Not too shabby, but the concert-goer’s momentum got grander for better-spirited musicianship.

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